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Marijuana Positive? Many Factors To Consider First

“If I smoke pot Saturday, will it show up on a drug screen Wednesday?” This question is probably at the forefront of many minds when facing the possibility of an upcoming drug test. If you’re not a frequent user, the lasting effect may be out of your system by then. But then again, there’s an off chance it won’t. Adding to that dilemma, if the test is positive, does it really mean you are under the influence? Not likely, unless you used maybe six hours prior. Some people might even argue, “In that case, does [...]

Can Intimate Relationships Ruin the Recovery Process?

Entering recovery can feel like stepping onto a foreign planet. There are new people to meet, new rules to follow, and new emotions to experience. Imagine being in a place where you’re expected to change your entire life without knowing a single person in the room. For those of us who are starting treatment, finding someone to connect with as we navigate this unknown world is often a first step. Creating human connection and building a support system can ease the fear and uneasiness of recovery. Many individuals who have struggled with addiction also struggle [...]

The 5 Most Common Mental Health Disorders in Boise, Idaho

The state of Idaho has struggled with rising rates of mental health problems, eg. clinical depression and a range of anxiety disorders, to name but a few, among its residents for many, many years, and, sadly, with the ongoing social and economic impact of the coronavirus, there does not appear to be any light at the end of the proverbial tunnel - just more and more Idahoans, particularly from the younger generation, finding their individual daily existence is becoming, more and more, a real daily battle. In fact, according to a recent updated study from [...]

Maintaining Sobriety in Times of Stress

  Whether you face a personal crisis or are witness to a national emergency such as the COVID-19 outbreak, maintaining sobriety in times of stress can be difficult. But you are not alone. At Northpoint Recovery, we are dedicated to recovery and helping you maintain your sobriety. We asked our clinical staff at Northpoint Recovery to share some tools, tips and tactics to manage stress (and sobriety) in uncertain times: 1. Meditate: Meditation has been used for centuries to relax, reconnect and calm your mind. It’s a practice that can be done anywhere… sitting at [...]

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