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Bethany Heinesh is a professional writer and proud Marine Corps veteran who specializes in mental health advocacy. Bethany is passionate about empowering people to break free from the bondage of addiction so they can create a beautiful life in recovery like she has. Bethany has a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations with a Minor in Religious Studies from the University of Houston and a Master of Arts in Administration-Communication Arts from the University of the Incarnate Word.

The Klonopin High: More Dangerous Than Cocaine?

By |2019-09-03T20:41:44+00:00May 7th, 2019|

When it comes to prescription drug addictions, we hear a lot about opioids like Hydrocodone, Oxy, and Fentanyl. After all, there’s an epidemic sweeping the country. These drugs were responsible for more than 30,000 overdose deaths in 2016 alone. It’s no wonder they make headlines. We also hear horror stories about Xanax and Valium. However, there is another highly addictive script we should all be wary of. It’s called Klonopin. “Get help from our 28-Day Drug Rehab Program – Designed to help you avoid relapses and maintain long-term sobriety” Klonopin may not get a lot of [...]

This Message is For Parents With Addicted Sons and Daughters

By |2019-10-02T21:16:01+00:00May 6th, 2019|

Crystal meth addiction almost killed my son – and it nearly completely destroyed me in the process. As a parent, you want to shield your children from pain and protect them from the dangers of this world. I used to believe a mother’s love was enough to overcome any adversity my son would ever face. I was wrong. As my son spiraled downward over the course of 12 years, I did everything in my power to put an end to his self-destruction. In the end, I learned I was completely powerless over his illness. [...]

Why I Loved My Adderall High and Why I Had to Give it Up

By |2019-08-26T01:54:33+00:00May 1st, 2019|

When most people hear the word “amphetamine,” they usually think of crystal meth. At least I used to. Now, I associate it with a legal stimulant I used to take called Adderall. You may have heard of it. It is common among students looking to amp up their academic performance. In fact, college and high school kids who use the stuff call it their favorite “study buddy.” Adderall – One of America’s Favorite Amphetamines Adderall is a prescription medication commonly given to people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, also known as ADHD. I know [...]

Getting Clean and Coming Clean – Sharing Honestly About Your Struggles With Addiction

By |2019-07-24T16:53:40+00:00October 25th, 2018|

Honesty Is a Necessary First Step On the Road to Recovery Addiction thrives in the darkness. It lurks in the shadowy recesses of the human mind, festering and growing like a mold that threatens to poison everything it touches. The only way to find freedom from the death grip of a drug or alcohol habit is to shine some light on it and expose it for what it is. When you want to break the chains of addiction, you have to make an honest admission to yourself about the reality of your situation. You [...]

Compassion: What it Means and Why it May Just Save the World

By |2019-10-02T20:14:34+00:00October 20th, 2018|

We Live in a World That Lacks Compassion At some point in your life, you have probably heard someone make this well-known proclamation, which is totally devoid of all compassion: “It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there!” This is a common response when you go to a friend or family member complaining about some situation that left you feeling bewildered by the “bad” behavior of another human being. Chances are, upon hearing this statement, you shrugged your shoulders, shook your head in agreement, and accepted it as a legitimate explanation for whatever situation you were [...]

JUUL– The Crowned Jewel of Nicotine Vape Products

By |2019-10-09T21:25:32+00:00September 6th, 2018|

Juul – The Reigning Champ of Nicotine Vaporizers Electronic cigarettes, also commonly known as “e-cigs” or “vapes,” have become widely popular among people of all age groups in recent years – especially high school and college students. However, when it comes to popularity, one brand, in particular, reigns supreme. If Budweiser is the king of beers, JUUL is the king of nicotine vaporizers. When it comes to vaping, Americans have spoken: JUUL is cool. (It’s pronounced “jewel,” by the way. Word on the street is that the acronym stands for “JUice USB Lighting.”) As [...]

The Ugly Truth About Opiate Withdrawal

By |2019-10-02T18:25:26+00:00September 1st, 2018|

The thought of having to endure withdrawal is terrifying if you are addicted to opioid substances like heroin, Hydrocodone, Morphine, Oxycodone, or Fentanyl. You may be ready to kick your habit, but you’re terrified of what will happen if you do. This is what keeps you hooked even though you want to quit. Opioid Withdrawal – It’s A Necessary Evil If You Want To Kick Your Habit You know that if you stop suddenly using your drug of choice, your system will react in violent protest. Basically, your body will physically complain once it no [...]

It Has Taken the Lives of Many, But Americans Still Love Their Cocaine

By |2019-10-09T21:17:17+00:00July 7th, 2018|

Cocaine. The word itself strikes fear into the hearts of many. Its reputation for destroying lives makes it one of the most feared substances on the planet. And, rightfully so. It ranks as one of the most addictive drugs known to man. Most people are hip to this reality. After all, we were taught about the dangers of illegal drugs in school. Yet, this hasn’t stopped millions of Americans from trying coke and getting hooked on the stuff. Let’s Talk About Coke (The Drug, Not America’s Fave Soda Pop) Since the 1960’s, this potent [...]

Nootropics – Are These So-called Smart Drugs The Real Deal?

By |2019-10-09T21:13:52+00:00July 1st, 2018|

Brain Enhancement in A Pill Form? Seriously? We live in a demanding world where we are being asked to do more (and more and more!). It’s no surprise that people are looking for a way to boost brainpower. And, as to be expected, Americans want brain enhancement to come in the form of a pill or some other easily accessible substance. (Hard work and diligence? Who has time for all that!?) This is where nootropics come in. These so-called smart drugs have been around for years. But, their popularity has increased since Dave Asprey [...]

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