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What’s the Difference between Drug Addiction and Substance Abuse?

By |2019-10-08T20:27:35+00:00May 27th, 2016|

“Even for the normal person, drugs change the brain just like they change the brain of the addict…But eventually, the inhibitory neurotransmitters of the normal person’s brain put on the brakes…and the persons stop drinking or drugging. Those brakes don’t work in the addict’s brain. They were made defective or they’ve burned out…” ~Dr. Akikur Mohammad, M.D., The Anatomy of Addiction Most people who drink or experiment with recreational drug use will never develop a problem or become addicted. But when does this recreational drug “use” morph into drug “abuse”, and when does it further [...]

How Common Is Drug Relapse After Recovery?

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“Relapse is about the return to an active disease process following a period of recovery from that disease process. One very important fact…you can’t relapse in any disease until you’ve been in recovery from it. This is the truth in any illness. If someone has not yet got into the recovery process, they CANNOT have a relapse.” ~Linda Free-Gardiner, Trust the Process: How to Enhance Recovery and Prevent Relapse It is a pithy saying that is heard over and over in every rehab setting – “Relapse is a part of recovery”. For many people, those [...]

Top 5 Reasons People Abuse Drugs and Alcohol

By |2019-10-08T20:19:49+00:00May 22nd, 2016|

If you or someone you love is affected by an addiction to drugs and alcohol, it can be very difficult for you to understand why they’re addicted. Maybe you’ve suggested they go to drug detox and alcohol detox or get some other type of addiction treatment, but they refuse. It is definitely frustrating. However, it might help if you understand the reasons why people become addicted to drugs and alcohol. Knowing this information can empower you to encourage them to get the help they need to recover. Let’s talk about the top five reasons people [...]

How Much Does Drug Rehab Usually Cost?

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“In other words, for every dollar not spent on drug prevention and treatment, we would have to spend $7 on reducing the supply of drugs. The question is not whether we can afford to pay for treat. Rather, how can we afford NOT to?” ~ Richard Isralowitz, Drug Use, Policy, and Management When a person makes the decision that they are ready to seek addiction treatment for their substance abuse disorder, the next steps usually all deal with practical considerations – Where should I go for drug rehab? When can I go? Can I [...]

A Look Back: People from History Who Battled Alcoholism

By |2019-10-08T20:23:19+00:00May 16th, 2016|

Alcoholism is an insidious, cunning disease that presents a problematic duality. Alcohol is legal, and it is part of everyday life. People drink to unwind, it is the lubrication of social events, and glasses are raised to celebrate and to toast success. But when drinking becomes a physical and emotional necessity – when it becomes a compulsion rather than a choice – the drinker starts down a dangerous and slippery slope that can lead to dependence, the development of the disease of alcoholism, and a ruined, unmanageable life. Alcohol is the most abused substance on [...]

How to Confront Someone about Addiction

By |2019-10-08T20:17:02+00:00May 14th, 2016|

Addiction causes difficulties and awkwardness where it doesn’t have to exist. If you had a friend or a family member who was waylaid by any other prolonged illness, you would probably be right there to lend a hand. But when someone you care is about is abusing alcohol or drugs, it can be hard to know the right things to say or do. But that’s precisely the point – addiction is a medical condition, just like other chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, or high blood pressure. And, just like those other conditions, addiction [...]

Are All Stimulant Drugs Addictive?

By |2019-10-08T20:15:40+00:00May 12th, 2016|

“So, in a sense, crystal methamphetamine is the nuclear weapon in the brain, contrasted to conventional weapons of alcohol, cocaine, and marijuana.” ~Dr. Petros Levounis, Chair of the Department of Psychiatry at Rutgers Medical School in New Jersey When it comes to the drug problem in the United States, much of the attention is focused upon the issue of prescription opioid painkillers and the resurgence of the street drug heroin. But lost in the shuffle is a class of dangerous drugs that never went away – stimulants. What are Stimulant Drugs? Stimulant drugs are those [...]

Six Signs That Your Family Member Is Abusing Drugs

By |2016-05-05T18:33:19+00:00May 10th, 2016|

“Few experiences in life quite match the feelings of horror, fear, helplessness, and grief that families experience when someone they love becomes addicted to alcohol or other drugs. They watch in dismay as the addict becomes alienated from the family and undergoes profound changes. Activities that once brought pleasure are abandoned, old friends are pushed away, and the addict withdraws into a world that is inaccessible to anyone who tries to help.” ~ Beverly Conyers, Addict in the Family: Stories of Loss, Hope, and Recovery According to a 2014 report by the Substance Abuse and [...]

The Most Commonly-Abused Prescription Drugs and Why They Are so Addictive

By |2019-10-10T19:29:52+00:00May 7th, 2016|

“It has become increasingly clear that opioids carry substantial risk but only uncertain benefits – especially compared with other treatments for chronic pain. We lose sight of the fact that the prescription opioids are just as addictive as heroin.” ~ Dr. Thomas Frieden, Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Last year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention called the abuse of prescription opioid pain medications and “epidemic”, and that epidemic doesn’t seem to be going away completely anytime soon. In fact, when you consider how rampant prescription drug abuse actually is [...]

Portland, Oregon Drug Problem – Addiction Facts and Statistics

By |2019-10-08T20:09:31+00:00May 5th, 2016|

Do you think there might be a Portland, Oregon drug problem? Substance abuse is a major problem across the entire State of Oregon– ranking FOURTH in the US for past-month illicit drug use–and Portland is no exception. For the most part, drug addiction statistics in Portland match up well with the rest of the state. What is Drug Addiction? A drug addiction is a chronic, relapsing disease. It is marked by compulsive behaviors, and the inability to control those behaviors. People with drug addictions are almost consistently seeking drugs. This results in harmful changes to [...]

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