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Drug and Alcohol Treatment Resources for Anchorage, Alaska

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Resources for Anchorage, Alaska

Addiction is a progressive and potentially fatal illness that won't go away on its own. Drug and alcohol abuse destroy families, derail careers, and give rise to untold suffering. Drug abuse remains the leading cause of accidental death, and alcohol kills a stunning 88,000 people each year. No matter how much you've suffered due to addiction, though, there is hope. Rehab remains the best, most effective treatment option, changing and saving lives every day.

Anchorage Addiction Statistics

For some addicts, though, rehab isn't the best or only option. Maybe you're not ready to pursue intensive help yet. Or perhaps you simply want some local support to supplement the skills you've already learned in rehab. A local Anchorage program can help you triumph in the face of addiction.

Anchorage AA Meetings

AA Meetings for Anchorage Residents

Alcoholics Anonymous prides itself on helping addicts from all walks of life and at all stages of recovery. The program, originally developed by an alcoholic, uses a 12-step model that encourages addicts to take responsibility, make amends, and permanently abstain from alcohol. Meetings are free, and occur throughout the day and week. To find an Alcoholics Anonymous group near you, click here. Links to a few other local programs include:



AA Meetings in Anchorage

Anchorage NA Meetings

NA Meetings for Anchorage Residents

Narcotics Anonymous relies on a 12-step model that's virtually identical to AA. Unlike AA, though, NA is solely focused on abstinence from drugs. In addition to the standard NA program, the organization also offers drug-specific programs such as Marijuana Anonymous and Pills Anonymous. For NA meetings near you, click here. Other local resources to consider include:


AA Meetings in Anchorage

Anchorage Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings for Anchorage Residents

Addiction doesn't only harm addicts. People who care about addicts may find themselves perpetually trying to get the addict to change his or her life, seek help, or admit to the addiction. This codependency can destroy lives, leaving loved ones perpetually at the mercy of the addict's whims. Al-Anon and Nar-Anon help people who love addicts break the cycle of codependency while offering them practical skills for dealing with the disease of addiction. Rather than focusing on getting the addict you love to pursue sobriety, you'll instead get help to manage your own life more effectively.

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon also gave rise to two spin-off programs. Alateen and Narateen work to help teenagers who have a loved one struggling with the disease of addiction.

Find a Nar-Anon family group near you by following this link.

Find an Al-Anon meeting near you here.

Drug Support Groups for Anchorage Residents

NA isn't a specifically religious program, but it does embrace a generic “higher power.” Moreover, many groups meet in churches or pray before meetings. Even if you don't mind the program's religious underpinnings, though, it's good to have an alternative program if you find NA is not right for you. SMART Recovery offers a secular recovery model, and you can find a local meeting here.

Alcohol Treatment Resources Anchorage Residents

AA, like NA, isn't the perfect program for all recovering addicts. The Secular Organizations for Sobriety offers online groups for both drug and alcohol support here.

Do you Need Rehab in Anchorage?

Why You Should Seek Help for Addiction in Anchorage

Addiction doesn't just harm your health and undermine your relationships. It also deprives you of your judgment, leaving you in a near-constant state of denial. While this denial is normal, it also increases the likelihood that you won't seek the help that you need. Addiction is a disease just like diabetes or cancer. You wouldn't delay treatment for these illnesses, so why delay treatment for addiction?

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