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Though addiction is often a plot twist on television shows and in movies, the real suffering of addiction often occurs in secret. Addicts may spend years denying their addiction, ignoring their families, and neglecting their responsibilities. Addiction destroys lives, but drug rehab is the most effective treatment for the disease of substance abuse. Heroin rehab, prescription drug rehab, cocaine rehab, marijuana rehab, and alcohol rehab make recovery from addiction possible and even rewarding.

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Northpoint Recovery is a state of the art, comfortable and modern inpatient detox and drug rehab facility designed to help our clients get the help they need to overcome addiction.

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Rehab and Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Anchorage, Alaska

Anchorage is Alaska's most populous city, serving as home to 40% of residents – yielding a population around 300,000. Like the rest of Alaska, though, the city is known for its rugged independence, and its citizens are widely considered competent, self-sufficient nature enthusiasts. Beneath this veneer of self-sufficiency and natural living, though, lurks a serious addiction problem. More than a quarter of teens have used an illegal drug, and about 15% of Anchorage's population is addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Alcohol is the most popular – and the most frequently abused – drug in Anchorage. Almost 90% of residents drink at least once per year, and a stunning 15% of drinkers eventually develop an addiction. Many drinkers justify their choice on the grounds that alcohol is legal, but alcohol is a powerfully addictive drug that can wreak havoc on your life. By attending alcohol detox or an alcohol treatment program, though, you give yourself the tools you need to move past your addiction.

Alaska recently legalized the recreational use of marijuana, and this legalization measure will likely increase both the availability and social acceptability of marijuana. For people struggling with marijuana addiction, legalization could either decrease the stigma of seeking help or make it less likely that addicts will seek help; only time will tell. Regardless of how legalization affects addicts, though, marijuana can be addictive just like any other drug. About 40% of Anchorage residents have used pot, and 5% of users eventually become addicted.

Prescription drugs, though legal, are the leading cause of drug-related deaths in Anchorage, and addiction to these powerful substances has rapidly increased. Residents who are addicted to prescription drugs face not only the challenges that come with any addiction, but also the difficulties of treating a medical condition. Many prescription drug addicts initially became addicted as the result of a valid medical prescription. Prescription drug rehab in Anchorage can help you combat your addiction while finding less dangerous ways of treating your medical concerns.

The use of drugs such as cocaine and crack is decreasing in Anchorage, but other drugs, notably heroin and meth, are steadily growing in popularity. These drugs remain highly dangerous, subjecting you not only to health and psychological risks, but also the ongoing risk of arrest and drug-related violence.

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Why Should I Seek Alcohol Treatment in Anchorage, Alaska?

Alcohol is omnipresent across the country, and Anchorage is no exception. From religious ceremonies to children's birthday parties, drinking is inseparable from the larger culture. This by no means indicates that alcohol is safe, though. This powerful drug kills 88,000 people each year. Seeking treatment now is the very best thing you can do, because the cost of treatment for alcoholism is nothing compared to the ways alcohol destroys lives.

The ubiquitous nature of alcohol poses a serious challenge for recovering alcoholics. You'll need to learn to avoid alcohol where possible, and to resist temptation when avoidance isn't feasible. Alcohol rehab in Anchorage, Alaska helps you learn how to do just that.

Why Should I Seek Drug Rehab in Anchorage, Alaska?

Addiction isn't just a personal choice, but also a disease. One of the most painful symptoms of this disease is denial. Many addicts spend months or even years denying that they have an addiction. Denial is particularly potent among people who abuse legal drugs, such as marijuana, alcohol, and prescription medications. A drug's legal status, though, has no bearing on its addictive capacity. Prescription drugs, which are legal even for children, remain among the most addictive substances in the world.

Even abusers of harder street drugs, such as heroin, meth, cocaine, and crack, sometimes insist that they're not addicts. Addicted people will do anything to avoid giving up the drug they love, and the advent of the Internet has provided fertile ground for justifying addiction. It's now possible to find “support” for the theory that ad rug isn't addictive on hundreds of websites. These manufactured facts, though, don't change the reality: addiction only gets worse with time, making now the very best time to pursue a drug treatment program.

Ultimately, it's not the drug you use, the frequency of use, or whether the drug is legal that matters. The defining characteristic of addiction is continuing to use a drug even though it has yielded negative consequences in your life. Don't allow yourself to be deluded by denial. If you wonder whether you're an addict, you probably are. Here are some additional signs and symptoms that you may have an addiction:

  • You worry that your personality will change if you stop using drugs or alcohol, or you find that you feel more like yourself when you're drunk or high.
  • You have a family history of addiction or alcoholism; addiction is both genetic and influenced by the early lessons you learned from your family.
  • You've relapsed before.
  • You increasingly need higher doses of the drug to get the same effects you once got with a lower dose.
  • When you try to quit or go long periods without using, you experience symptoms of withdrawal.
  • You neglect things that used to be important to you because of drugs or alcohol.
  • You prioritize drugs or alcohol over family, friends, or your career.
  • You're dishonest with yourself or others about your use of drugs or alcohol.
  • You keep trying to quit, but have been unable to successfully do so.

Addiction thrives upon secrecy and lies, but drug rehab in Anchorage can help you bring your life out of the shadows. Don't waste another day of your life as a drug addict. Seek help now – before it's too late.

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What Does Getting Rehab in Anchorage, Alaska Mean for Me?

No two rehab facilities are created exactly alike. Some are holistic wellness centers that focus on exercise, nutrition, and harmonious living. Others endorse a specific religion or philosophy, and still others are relatively bare bones operations that offer little but the chance to get clean. The cost of rehab varies depending upon the facility you choose, but rehab is surprisingly affordable no matter where you go. No matter what facility you choose, you'll likely gain access to, at minimum, the following treatment services:

  • Individual therapy sessions with a therapist who specializes in substance abuse.
  • Group support services such as 12-step programs, support groups, and group therapy. Group support also often comes in the form of informal discussions with the friends you make in rehab.
  • Family programs such as family education and family therapy,
  • Medical supervision as you complete the detox process, as well as a physician's care for any health problems you may have.
  • A drug and alcohol-free environment.
  • Enrichment activities designed to keep your mind off of drugs and alcohol and help you learn new skills. Some facilities also offer career and educational counseling.

The average rehab stay is 45 days, with most addicts staying somewhere between one and three months. Ultimately, the length of your rehab stay is up to you, but your treatment team will advise you about when you're ready to check out and face independent sober living.

I'm from Anchorage, Alaska - How do I Know if I Need Rehab?

Addiction capitalizes on hopelessness by convincing addicts first that they don't have a problem, then telling them they're beyond hope. Rehab, though, is built on a promise of hope. Drug treatment programs can and do save lives, but listening to the hopelessness your addiction whispers into your ear will only cause you to suffer more. Though it's possible to get sober on your own, drug and alcohol rehab make the process easier while reducing your risk of relapse. Not sure whether you need help? Here are some clues that you might need professional assistance to get clean:

  • You have a family history of addiction or mental illness.
  • You have experienced serious symptoms of withdrawal.
  • You feel hopeless, ashamed, or guilty about your use of drugs or alcohol.
  • The people in your life do not support your sobriety goals.
  • You don't have a support network, or the people you love actively try to undermine your sobriety goals.
  • You've lost a relationship or job because of your addiction.
  • You live with addicts, or most of your friends abuse drugs.
  • You mix alcohol with drugs, or are addicted to multiple substances.
  • You've previously been an addict.
  • You've experienced financial or legal problems due to your addiction.
  • You have physical or mental health problems (including health problems caused by your addiction)

All About Detox in Anchorage, Alaska?

The body is an amazing machine. When you use drugs and alcohol, it begins to develop a tolerance. This tolerance protects you from some effects of drug use. For example, you might have noticed that you have to drink more than you used to to get the same effects. This slightly reduces your risk of alcohol poisoning. The tolerance process also builds chemical dependence that causes unpleasant symptoms when you suddenly stop using drugs or alcohol. You may experience unpleasant symptoms such as shaking, anxiety, anger, depression, muscle pain, headaches, nausea, vomiting, insomnia, and nightmares. In some cases, symptoms become more serious. The good news is that detox is a short process, and you only have to do it once.

How Long Does Detox in Anchorage Last?

Detox is a bit different for everyone. Your health, age, the drugs you use, how long you've used drugs, and a variety of other factors can affect how long you're in detox. In most cases, the process takes only a few days. At the upper end, though, it can take as long as two weeks.

What Should I Bring to Detox in Anchorage?

Detox is a chance to focus on your needs and well-being, so you shouldn't have to worry about lugging endless suitcases around. Take only the basics – usually about a week's worth of clothes, toiletries, and sentimental items. If you take any prescription drugs, be sure to let your rehab facility know, since potentially addictive substances may need to be secured and locked up. If you have any questions about what to take, talk to your intake coordinator.

Why Northpoint in Anchorage, Alaska is a Great Choice

Addiction tears lives apart. At Northpoint Recovery, we aim not just to help you get sober, but also to help you begin putting the pieces of your life back together. We walk with you on your journey to recovery, helping you when you stumble, encouraging you when you've run out of hope, and always reminding you that you can – and will! – do this.

Our skilled staff of addiction experts works exclusively with adult men and women. We've seen the hard cases, and we've watched addicts triumph in the face of immense suffering. We rely on research-based treatment protocols, and we are completely confident in our ability to help you.

If you're overwhelmed by peer pressure and stress in Anchorage, we can help you with that, too. Our Boise, Idaho location offers you a break from your home life, enabling you to concentrate on your recovery. Relax and focus on getting better here; we'll ensure you're ready to return home before you leave.

We can't wait to watch you triumph over addiction, but you have to call before we can help. You don't deserve to suffer another day. Call us now!