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Northpoint Recovery Offers the Best Drug Rehab in Alaska.

Drug addiction can take hold of anyone at any time. One wrong choice can lead to a lifetime of regret. At Northpoint Recovery, we specialize in turning the lives of those who suffer from drug addiction around. A premier facility for drug rehab in Alaska, Northpoint Recovery offers the finest treatment options for patients.

Addiction and Rehab in Alaska Our Rehab Facility

Our facility boasts:

  • 24/7 nurse care
  • Inpatient care
  • Personal trainers
  • Yoga
  • Drug and alcohol detox with supervised care
  • Group therapy
  • Many, many more opportunities

Guided by our four principles, autonomy, integrity, hope, and thrive, we have managed to help many people get the help they need with drug treatment in Alaska.

Addiction and Rehab in Alaska

What makes Northpoint Recovery a premier facility for drug rehab in Alaska?

Northpoint Recovery offers the finest programs for addiction rehab in Alaska. Prospective patients can have high expectations for the treatment that they will receive. We meet those expectations by remaining focused on the patients and individualized care. We work diligently to develop our programs for substance abuse treatment in Alaska to meet individuals' needs; we do not offer a one size fits all approach to recovery. We know what works, and we have gone to great lengths to immerse ourselves in what works.

Get Help for Addiction in Alaska

We are also one of the few programs for substance abuse in Alaska that employ an empirically based approach to recovery. This means that in our programs for drug rehab in Alaska, we use scientific theory, and we take into consideration the observation of patients' needs that are made by our professional staff. This is what helps us build an individualized approach to recovery. It is what makes us known as one of the best programs for drug rehab in Alaska.

We also offer holistic approaches to recovery in our programs for drug rehab in Alaska. The holistic approach is accompanied by professional treatment, so patients have a greater chance of maintaining sobriety. This method to helping patients beat their drug and alcohol addictions also is vital to our tailor made recovery plans. Holistic healing offers patients the opportunity to find new and exciting natural experiences to replace the substances that they are addicted to. Although it a relativity new approach, our holistic based programs for substance abuse treatment in Alaska have experienced much success.

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Alaska Inpatient Treatment

Does your facility for drug rehab in Alaska offer inpatient treatment?

Northpoint Recovery is a state of the art facility for inpatient treatment in Alaska. Our grounds are built and maintained to create an atmosphere of relaxation and healing. We aim to provide patients with the necessary shelter from the world they need to begin the process of recovery. The grounds' serenity is vital to begin the process of healing.

Inpatient recovery is one of Northpoint's most successful programs because it offers patients a home away from home during recovery. Patients are admitted into the facility, and they stay on site for the initial phase of their rehab. The length of the stay is contingent on a few factors, but the overall goal is for patients to detox and learn the necessary skills to remain sober while living in a restricted and safe environment free from the temptations of drugs and alcohol.

Living away from enticement makes it easier to get the body to adjust to sober living. After the body has adjusted, counselors and staff members work with patients on how to maintain sobriety outside of the center. After patients feel comfortable with their newfound healthy mind and body, they are exited from the program to begin assimilating back into society. Most patients who enter Northpoint's programs for inpatient treatment in Alaska fully immerse themselves back into functioning members of society.

Enrolling in Treatment

How do I enroll in your program for drug treatment in Alaska?

It is important to know that many major insurance companies cover our programs for drug rehab in Alaska. So, potential patients worried about the cost of drug treatment in Alaska need not fret. We offer a service to verify that potential patients' insurance is accepted. This will put any anxiety about cost aside for patients considering seeking help.

After insurance is verified, we schedule an appointment with an intake coordinator. At this meeting an intake evaluation will be completed. The purpose of the evaluation is to gather important information from patients. It is here that counselors can learn the type of recovery program that is necessary for patients. It also serves as a window for insight on what counselors might be best suited for the patient.

Following the intake appointment, patients are given a room. Upon arrival at the room, all of a patient's belongings are searched in order to ensure that no substances are brought into the center. We pride ourselves on being one of the best programs for inpatient treatment in Alaska, and in order to uphold this reputation, we take extreme measures to make sure no drugs or alcohol enter the facility.

Once a patient is given a room and enrolled in the program, one of our doctors or nurses will meet with the patient to conduct a medical history and a physical. Gaining insight into patients' medical history allows the staff to gain awareness into any known medical conditions that may require medication or treatment while in the program for drug rehab in Alaska.

What to Bring to Treatment

What should I pack if I am entering your program inpatient treatment in Alaska?

Prospective patients must bring some sort of photo ID and their medical insurance card with them in order to be admitted into one of our programs for drug rehab in Alaska. ID's can be any of the following: work ID, passport, or driver's license.

We allow patients to bring with them two suitcases full of comfortable clothing and shoes. We have onsite laundry facilities that patients can use, so there is no need to over pack.

If medication is required, a list of all medications, dosages, and allergies must be turned into the intake coordinator upon arrival.

Patients are also asked to bring with them their own toiletries. Shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, and deodorant must all be free of alcohol as an ingredient.

Addiction Detox

Is there a detox program in your center for drug rehab in Alaska?

Detox is often the most feared step in the recovery process because there is much physical discomfort associated with detoxing. The drug that patients abuse, along with the length of time that the drug is used, play a major role in how patients' bodies will react to detoxing. Withdrawal symptoms are uncomfortable, and they can often lead to physical ailments such as nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting.

There are also emotional side effects to detoxing as well. These include feelings of anxiety, irritability, drowsiness, nightmares, and trouble sleeping. Enrolling in Northpoint Recovery's program for detox in Alaska can help patients regain the control of their lives that substances have stripped from it.

Northpoint Recovery offers the most successful programs for drug detox in Alaska. Our counseling staff is well educated on the process of helping patients rid their bodies of the harmful chemicals that drugs and alcohol deposit in their systems. Our doctors are prepared to help patients through the physical withdrawal. We have 24/7 nursing staff on site that is always available to help patients who undergo the physical discomforts associated with detox. We have many different people and methodologies to dealing with what unfolds during a detox. We do everything in our power to keep patients comfortable so that they can enter into the rehab step in recovery.

Do you offer activities in your facility for drug rehab in Alaska that will keep me occupied while I am trying to recover?

Part of our approach to individualized care is making sure that patients learn new things about themselves. The way that we approach this in our programs for drug rehab in Alaska is by providing many opportunities for patients to learn new hobbies and interests while enrolled in our inpatient treatment programs. Patients can experience many new and exciting things while exploring new interests. We offer activity groups for patients that include exercise. We have personal trainers on staff that patients can consult to help them develop a stronger sense of health and wellness. For those patients who are not into high impact actives, we offer yoga, and hiking.

Some patients do not feel that exercising is right for them during recovery, so we offer therapy that takes a different approach. We have education therapy, art therapy, music therapy, and many other types of therapy that patients can explore to find the right outlet for them.

Therapy in Treatment More Therapy in Treatment

What types of recovery programs do you offer in your facility for drug rehab in Alaska?

Northpoint Recovery offers treatment options for any type addiction. Our programs for substance abuse in Alaska rank among the highest with regard to success rates. Our staff members specialize in one are of recovery, so prospective patients can expect experienced help.

Can you tell me about your programs for heroin rehab in Alaska?

Heroin is among what many dub as a “hard” drug. It gets this reputation because it is “hard” to maintain the habit, and it “hard” to escape the habit. Fortunately for those suffering from addiction to this hard drug, Northpoint Recovery offers some of the best heroin treatment in Alaska.

We encourage prospective patients considering heroin recovery to take advantage of what Northpoint is known for, the best inpatient heroin treatment in Alaska. Through our inpatient program, we can work through the initial phase of detox up through assimilation back into society.

Our programs for inpatient treatment in Alaska offer many benefits for those suffering from heroin addiction including: detox, rehab, group and individual therapy, medical care, 12-step programs, and health and wellness education. We fully invest in our patients, and we give them all necessary tools and support to help them with their recovery.

Can I get help in your facilities; I am looking for meth treatment in Alaska?

Meth addiction in The United States is extraordinarily high, and sadly, the number of people who are becoming addicted to meth is growing. Since addiction is a medical condition, it is imperative that those considering seeking drug treatment in Alaska understand that the condition will only get worse if help is not received. Northpoint Recovery can help. We offer the best programs for meth treatment in Alaska, and we are ready to help get potential patients on the road to recovery.

Meth is part of a class of drugs that is known as a stimulant. This means that it speeds up the body's central nervous system. It is highly addictive, and without treatment, it can lead to death. A treatment plan tailored to the needs of those suffering the side effects of meth addiction can put patients on the road to recovery, and it can help them regain control of their lives. This is why those considering help should seek out one of Northpoint Recovery's programs for meth treatment in Alaska.

Does your facility for drug rehab in Alaska offer 12-step meetings?

The twelve-step approach is one of the most popular and successful approaches to recovery. Our programs for drug rehab in Alaska at our Northpoint Recovery facility offer patients the opportunity to explore 12-step approaches to see if they are something that would be beneficial to them on their journey.

What is the 12-step approach to recovery?

That 12-step approach to recovery is literally 12 steps to achieving a lifetime of sobriety. They are meant to be a guide into changing patients' lifestyles and maintaining sobriety. They were originally founded with God as the higher power who had the ability to make changes in patients' lives, but have since evolved for many different groups. Each step is vital for patients working to achieve complete sobriety, and many will attest that this particular approach to recovery is lifesaving. Northpoint Recovery offers many programs and much guidance for those looking to work 12-step meetings in Alaska.

Despite the addiction that prospective patients may be suffering from, Northpoint Recovery can tailor a program to help. We offer the best drug rehab in Alaska and our doors are always open to those who wish to come and begin the journey to recovery. We look forward to seeing patients succeed.

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