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Best Alcohol and Drug Detox in Alaska

Northpoint Recovery has a reputation for providing the best alcohol and drug rehab in Alaska. While most programs for alcohol and drug treatment in Alaska are quite successful in helping prospective patients through the recovery process, Northpoint's approach to recovery tops the charts. We employ a specialty staff, which means that our doctors, nurses, and counselors are all specifically trained in their own particular nuance of recovery. We have detox specialists, rehab specialists, dieticians, mental health professionals, and many other medical specialists on our staff. By employing a specialty staff, we are able to focus in on what each individual patient needs rather than approaching recovery as a one size fits all approach. This is why we are not only considered the best program; we also have the best facilities for addiction treatment in Alaska.

Our Facility and Location

Northpoint Recovery is a state of the art, comfortable and modern inpatient detox and drug rehab facility designed to help our clients get the help they need to overcome addiction.

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Where can I find the right program for drug and alcohol detox in Alaska?

Our staff will help tailor the best program for outpatient or inpatient treatment in Alaska. By sitting down with one of our intake counselors, we can help prospective patients determine what approach to recovery will work best for them. There are many different options to beginning an alcohol and drug rehab in Alaska, and we can certainly find the best approach. By spending time with an admissions counselor and answering a few questions, we can determine the best approach to detox for prospective patients.

What can I expect to experience during an alcohol and drug detox in Alaska?

Detox must occur during a stay in one of our programs for inpatient treatment in Alaska. The length of the detox depends on the particular drugs and types of alcohol that patients used. While the actual process of detoxing is different for everyone, some things that most can expect to experience are agitation and anxiety.

Patients can also expect our staff to be ready and willing to help them through the process. Again, while everyone's experience going through the process will be different, our staff has seen detox run its course several times. Since our detox specialists are thoroughly trained in this one aspect of recovery, they are very experienced in meeting the patients' needs during this time.

Our specialists for alcohol rehab in Alaska are very diligent in minding the needs of patients detoxing from alcohol. There are dangers associated with alcohol detox, so we are very alert to our patients during this part of the recovery process for alcoholism.

We Accept Most Major Insurance

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Will my insurance cover alcohol and drug detox in Alaska?

Most insurance companies work with our centers for addiction treatment in Alaska. Just like any other medical treatment, there is usually a copay associated with the services. Some insurance companies put stipulations on the length of the stay in our centers for inpatient treatment in Alaska. We encourage prospective patients or their family members to reach out to the insurance company and ask what is covered. We do not want to see insurance emerge as a reason that prospective patients walk away from the opportunity to enroll in a program for alcohol and drug rehab in Juneau. We have many staff member who are well trained in helping patients reach out to their insurance companies as well. Schedule an appointment with a member of our office staff, and we can help potential patients and their families initiate the necessary communication with the insurance companies.

How long does a program for drug and alcohol detox in Alaska last?

Then length of a detox depends on what the patient is detoxing from. Some drugs and alcohol are harder to purge from the system, while others are less physically addicting and need more therapeutic approaches. Our programs for drug and alcohol rehab in Alaska can help with any approach necessary for helping patients.

Will going through an alcohol and drug detox in Alaska be painful?

Time spent in a program for addiction treatment in Alaska will be time well spent; however, the initial phase, the detox, can be uncomfortable. Depending on the type of detox patients are embarking upon, there can be discomfort. A stay for heroin treatment in Alaska can be a lot different than a stay for prescription drug detox in Alaska. They physical symptom vary depending on the substance.

Some common symptoms are:

  • Agitation
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Head ache
  • Irritability
  • Vomiting

Our staff is ready and waiting to help patient through whatever they encounter. Our programs for meth, cocaine, and heroin detox in Alaska are all top-notch treatment options for anyone considering a facility for drug and alcohol rehab in Alaska.

Talk to a Rehab Specialist

Our admissions coordinators are here to help you get started with treatment the right way. They'll verify your health insurance, help set up travel arrangements, and make sure your transition into treatment is smooth and hassle-free.

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What happens after I complete the drug and alcohol detox in Alaska?

After patients complete the detox, they enter into one of our programs for outpatient or inpatient treatment in Alaska. During this time, they participate in group and individual therapy sessions to help them develop the skills to remain clean and sober.

Group therapy is a great way for patients to start to release some of the guilt they have built up as a result of the bad choices they have made while using. Alcohol and drug rehab in Alaska really focuses on reminding patients that addiction is a disease, and group therapy exposes patients to others who have suffered the same symptoms as they have. By exposing patients to others who have experienced the same symptoms, patients begin to realize that they are not alone on their journey.

Individual therapy works to get to the root of patients' addiction issues. Exploring what triggers the addictive behaviors brings to the surface ways to change the addiction. When patients understand why it is they drink and abuse drugs, they begin to pay closer attention to handling the feelings they are trying to numb.

Those considering an alcohol and drug rehab in Alaska should seriously consider Northpoint Recovery as their number one options. We have the best programs in the area, and those who need addiction treatment in Alaska will not find a better facility with better programs.