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Drug Rehab & Detox – Northpoint Recovery

Drug And Alcohol DetoxClinical drug detox and recovery is the safest and most effective way to treat drug abuse and addiction. Everyone’s life experience and addiction story are unique. That’s why comprehensive residential rehab can help people detox and recover with medical and psychiatric support. 

If you or someone in your life needs addiction recovery support, call Northpoint Recovery now. With inpatient programs across Idaho, we’re here to provide comprehensive and compassionate treatment for drugs, alcohol, and co-occurring disorders. Call us now to get started at 888.296.8976.

What Is Residential Detox For Addiction Recovery?

Today, many people attempt to detox from drugs or alcohol at home. More often than not, this approach is unsuccessful. Withdrawal symptoms, access to drugs, and undiagnosed co-occurring disorders lead most people to relapse during at-home detox.

Residential detox, however, is the safest way to detox from drugs or alcohol. Also called inpatient rehab, it houses clients for 30-90 days during initial detox and recovery. At Northpoint Recovery, our inpatient drug detox program focuses on three phases of recovery:

Phase 1: Detox and Cleanse

The first seven days at Northpoint Recovery help clients through withdrawal and detox. Therapeutic activities and specialized medications help clients manage uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms, balance electrolytes, and invest in quality nutrition. 

Phase 2: Rehab and Understand Addiction

Stage 2 often lasts for three weeks. Clients begin to understand and treat addiction triggers, behaviors, and co-occurring mood disorders. During this stage, clients learn to reframe their perspectives, develop coping mechanisms, and learn new techniques for stress relief. 

Phase 3: Aftercare and Apply Knowledge

Aftercare is the most adaptable stage of recovery at Northpoint Recovery. With a range of program options, clients begin to integrate tools from recovery into their daily lives. For some, this involves the transition to outpatient care. For others, this might involve alumni groups or 12-step programs. 

Clients receive the individualized care and attention they need to recover safely and effectively by approaching detox and recovery in phases. With dual diagnosis treatment, clients at Northpoint Recovery receive comprehensive treatment for mood disorders during addiction recovery. Treating co-occurring disorders like depression, anxiety, ADHD, and bipolar disorder during addiction recovery can reduce drug cravings and the risk of reuse. 

Benefits of Residential Drug Detox

Residential detox and recovery can provide clients with the space they need to break addiction cycles, shift perspective, and begin to understand their own mental and physical health. Benefits of residential detox include:

  • Medical monitoring
  • Medically-assisted detox
  • No access to drugs or alcohol
  • Nutrition support
  • Solidarity
  • Space from toxic relationships
  • Aftercare planning
  • Support groups

Residential detox can help people disconnect from their busy lives and connect with what matters. Often taking time away from work, school, and home life, people can begin to see and recognize addiction triggers. Cognitive-behavioral therapy can help clients reframe thought patterns and change their behavior. During residential detox, group and family therapy can help people build confidence, boundaries, and communication skills. 

Start Drug and Alcohol Detox at Northpoint Recovery Today

At Northpoint Recovery, we provide a mix of medically assisted detox, psychiatric care, and dual diagnosis for successful addiction recovery. Our inpatient detox programs include:

  • Relapse prevention
  • Life skills training 
  • Dual diagnosis
  • Process groups
  • Family therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy

Our three-phase addiction recovery process helps meet clients’ individual needs because no two people’s recoveries are the same. With inpatient treatment programs Northpoint Recovery has the programs to help you and your loved ones safely detox and recover. 

Call Northpoint Recovery Now to Find the Right Detox Program For You

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